The Crowd Goes Wild

The Crowd Goes Wild is a campaign for first level characters set in a small lumber town in Brevoy on the border between Rostland and Issia. Rickett’s Glen is the home of sheep farmers, lumber workers, and the largest sports arena for three towns! Sponsored by Kalistrade prophet, Rea Bonn, the annual Ice Hurling championship... Continue Reading →

Webster: Ch. 3 Witch Ghost Dog Clone

Everything hazy. Behind bars. Where’s Daddy? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! "Shut up." Every raff always tells Webster to shut up. Daddy never said shut up. Webster hurts, so Webster lies down. The air smells like fur and urine and metal and clean things. Why bars? Webster covers his eyes and thinks of Daddy. Where did Webster leave him? Daddy would hold Webster if he were here. He would put Webster in his lap and sing to Webster and tell Webster “nothing to worry about.” He would say to the raffs. Change? Change? Help, please? Anything appreciated.

Madness of the Guardian

Madness of the Guardian is a campaign for fifth level characters set in a fortress-town in Mendev. All the crusaders in the fortress-town of River-Keep, a stalwart defense against the ever-encroaching World Wound, look to Eldritch Knight, Eudosia Fierdame, for protection and leadership. But when inexplicable bouts of pain, rage, and insanity weaken the guardian,... Continue Reading →


It's here!  My story "The Flying Saltines" can be found in this great anthology along with a host of other really, really good authors. I think mine probably the weirdest, but Andie's writing about Krakens so.... BORN TO LOVE WILD A Paranormal Romance Short Story Anthology from Stars and Stone Books Featuring: USA Today Bestselling... Continue Reading →

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