Madness of the Guardian

Madness of the Guardian is a campaign for fifth level characters set in a fortress-town in Mendev.

All the crusaders in the fortress-town of River-Keep, a stalwart defense against the ever-encroaching World Wound, look to Eldritch Knight, Eudosia Fierdame, for protection and leadership. But when inexplicable bouts of pain, rage, and insanity weaken the guardian, her second-in-command hires the PCs to investigate and reverse the curse. While fighting demons and investigating the source of the evil magic at play, the PCs find themselves the center of Eudosia’s obsessive jealousy and romantic affection. They must cure the Eldritch Knight not only to protect River-Keep, but to survive the madness of its guardian.


Act One: Arrival and Investigation

Planned encounters: PCs enter the area of River-Keep accompanied by the Second-in-Command Manius Penders and face a sloth of dretches and babau. After a hezrou shows up, the PCs find themselves overwhelmed. They are rescued by Eudosia Fierdame, who utterly destroys the demons with a combination of magic and martial prowess. After this fight, Manius remarks that she is “even weaker than when he left.”

As the PCs settle into River-Keep, they speak to crucial NPCs to discover that Eudosia’s affliction is likely caused by a hag who can be found near the Keep. Through their investigation, Eudosia becomes romantically interested in one of the PCs, quickly becoming obsessed and possessive whether the PC reciprocates her affections or not.

Act Two: Encountering the Hag

Planned encounters: The PCs leave the River-Keep to venture into the wilderness and find the hag who has cursed Eudosia. The area is fraught with demons and other dangers, but most dangerous of all is Eudosia who has followed them under the impression that the other members of the party mean to betray and harm her beloved. The PCs can hold her off with diplomacy checks or non-fatal combat, and she will briefly regain her senses and return to protect her city.

The party finally encounters the hag and defeats her. Either through interrogation or exploration, PCs discover the hag’s evil spell and the means to unravel it.

Act Three: Saving Eudosia

The source of the affliction is a haunted necklace Eudosia always wears. It was given to her by her first lover another Eldritch Knight who trained with her but fell to demonic corruption. Eudosia dealt with this betrayal by personally slaying her former love, and the ghost has been twisted and abused by the hag’s spell to steal Eudosia’s strength, sanity, and intellect. PCs must gain control of the necklace (which Eudosia is also fiercely protective of), destroy it, and defeat the ghost. This will free Eudosia from all influence of the spell.


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